2019-2020 Research Grant Recipients

The 2019-2020 Recipients of Andrews University graduate Grants in Aid of Research are:

Erika Bauza Nowotny (Peter Lyons, Biology). Exploring the role of carboxypeptidase o and its role in chylomicron and lipid droplet formation. Abstract

Kathleen Forbis (Anneris Coria-Navia, Teaching, Learning & Curriculum). The Effect of Mentoring on Novice Teacher Retention in Adventist Schools as influenced by Self-efficacy and Positive Organizational Support. Abstract

Elmer A. Guzman (John Peckham, Theology & Christian Philosophy). An Analysis and Comparison of the Missional Doctrinal Hermeneutics of Kevin J. Vanhoozer and Veli-Matti Karkkainen, with Emphasis on Their Notions of God, Eschatology, and Mission. Abstract

Tendai Hunyenyiwa (Denise Smith, Biology). The effects of novel Dihydropyridine derivatives as anti-invasive drugs on glioblastoma. Abstract

Priscilla Kyi (Denise Smith, Biology). Benzothiazole as a Novel Hybrid Anti-Invasion Agent Against Glioblastoma. Abstract

Santosh Kumar (Boubakar Sanou, World Mission). An analysis of the current state of Seventh-day Adventist mission in Bihar with missiological implications. Abstract

Samuel Mbayi (Bruce Bauer, World Mission). A Biblical and missiological response to the fear of ancestral spirits among Luhya Christians of western Kenya. Abstract

Robert McDonald (Peter Lyons, Biology). A Study of Inactive Enzyme-Homologues: The Biochemical and Biological Function of Ecm14 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Abstract

Amanda Moore (Daniel Gonzalez, Biology). How Manatees locate food in their natural environmentsAbstract

Carina Prestes (Randall Younker, Archaeology). Archaeological Evidence of the Role of Women in Early Christianity. Abstract

Abelardo Rivas (Randall Younker, Archaeology). A comparative study of the architectural remains, material culture and the chronological and historical context of field "G" at Tall JululAbstract

Christina Rosette (Marlene Murray, Biology). A Comparison of ISYNA and IMPA1 Gene Expression in Normal vs. Bipolar Cells and the  Effects of DHA and EPA on the Expression of ISYNA and IMPA1 in Normal Cells verses Bipolar Disorder Cells. Abstract

Andria Stewart (Wagner Kuhn, World Mission). A holistic-missional model of ministry that empowers whole-life transformation among homeless youth in New York CityAbstract

Michelet William (Petr Cincala, World Mission). Adventist Leaders' Beliefs and Practices about Evangelism and Social Justice AdvocacyAbstract