2013 Graduate Publications


College of Arts and Sciences


  • J.L. Hayward, L. C. Megna, B. G. Payne, S. R. Velastegui Chavez, and S. M. Henson. 2013. Temporal and environmental effects on the behavior of Flightless Cormorants. Wilson Journal of Ornithology 125:790-799. View Article
  • J. D. Cowles, S. M. Henson, J. L. Hayward, and M. W. Chacko. 2013. A method for predicting harbor seal (Phoca vitulina) haulout and monitoring long-term population trends without telemetry. Natural Resource Modeling 26:605-627. View Article
  • A. E. Moncrieff, L. C. Megna, J. L. Hayward, and S. M. Henson. 2013. Mating patterns and breeding success ijn gulls of the Larus glaucescens-occidentalis complex, Protection Island, Washington, USA. Northwestern Naturalist 94:67-75. View Article

Social Work

  • A.M. Baltazar, K. Conopio, J. Moreno & G. L. Hopkins. (2013). Protecting youth from health risk behaviors.  The Journal of Adventist Education, 76(2), 11-16.
  • C.J. VanderWaal, A.R. Mayer, K. Cooper & L. Racovita-Szilagyi. Balancing Justice and Mercy: Redemptive Ways of Dealing with Adolescent Substance Use.  Journal of Adventist Education, Volume 76, No 2, Special Issue, December 2013/January 2014 .


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  • Kelvin Onongha. "The Missiological Dilemma of Sorcery and Diviniation to African Christianity." Asia-Africa Journal of Mission and Ministry, Vol. 7, 2013. View Abstract