2015 Graduate Publications


College of Arts and Sciences

Behavioral Sciences

  • Lollo Zo Nantenaina, Joel Raveloharimisy, and Karen McWilliams. The prophet Elisha as an agent of change for community development. Journal of Applied Christian Leadership, 9(2), 10-22, Fall 2015.
  • Karl G. D. Bailey and Arian C. B. Timoti. Delight or distraction: An exploratory analysis of Sabbath-keeping internalization. Journal of Psychology & Theology, 43, 192-203, 2015.


  • Benjamin Navia, Christina Burden, Tori J. Steely, H. Hasegawa, Esther Cha, Shandelle M. Henson, John Stout, and Gordon J. Atkins. Parallel effects of temperature on the male cricket calling song, phonotaxis of the female and the auditory reponses of the L3 neurone. Physiological Entomology 40, 113-122, 2015.
  • Brianna G. Payne, Shandelle M. Henson, James L. Hayward, Libby C. Megna, and S. R. Velastegui Chavez. Environmental constraints on haul-out and foraging dynamics in Galapagos marine iguanas. Journal of Coupled Systems and Multiscale Dynamics 3, 208-218, 2015.
  • James L. Hayward and Amanda G. Sandler. Aqueous transport of gull nests and eggs: Taphonomic implications for fossil amniote nests. Palaios 30, 403-407, 2015.
  • Gordon J. Atkins, Amanda G. Sandler, Mindy J. McLarty, Shandelle M. Henson, and James L. Hayward. Oviposition behavior in Glaucous-winged Gulls (Larus glaucescens). Wilson Journal of Ornithology 127, 486-493, 2015.


  • Joel E. Lisboa Morales and Thomas R. Shepherd. Comparative narrative analysis as a tool in determining the Lectio Difficilior in Mark 1:40-45: A narrative analysis of Codices Bezae, Vaticanus, and Washingtonianus. Neotestamentica 49(1), 75-89, 2015.