Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)

THIS PROGRAM EXPIRED ON APRIL 30, 2017. It has been replaced with the Graduate Student Grants in Aid of Research (GAR).

Graduate Research Assistants may receive up to $1500 from a given faculty member's Faculty Research Grant. An additional $1500 in matching funds is available from the School of Graduate Studies for a total GRA of $3000.

Assistantships are processed through the Office of Employment. Forms should be submitted for each semester that the Graduate Assistant will work on the project.


  • The Graduate Student must be a leader in the research project. That is, either be a coauthor on publications or presentations arising from the project, or be an author/presenter for the portion of the research project performed by the Graduate Student.
  • The GRA is expected to present a poster on the research at the AU Celebration of Faculty and Graduate Student Research (annually in November).

Graduate Assistant Appointment Form

Faculty members may request Undergraduate Research Scholarship funds independently from the Faculty Research Grant.