Campus Map

The University's campus map identifies the parking lot by its number and permit requirements. Campus roads not designated as a lot are considered unrestricted parking with no overnight parking.

Parking lot designations (name and color) are used to identify what type of parking permit is required to park there. University designations include the following:

  • Unrestricted (Blue): Any University parking permit
  • Faculty/Staff (Yellow): Only Faculty/Staff parking permits
  • Community (Green): Community and Faculty/Staff parking permits
  • Housing (Purple): Housing and Faculty/Staff parking permits. Individual spaces assigned.
  • Lamson (Red): Lamson and Faculty/Staff parking permits.
  • Meier/Burman/Damazo (Brown): Unrestricted from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Outside of those hours, restricted to M/B/D and Faculty/Staff parking permits.

Overnight parking is lot-specific unless pre-approved by the Office of Campus Safety.

The following table provides additional information on each parking lot. 

Lot # Parking Lot Name Designation Overnight Parking Handicap Parking
1 Welcome Center (Globe) Unrestricted No No
2 Seminary/Tan Hall Community No Yes
3 Chan Shun Hall Community No Yes
4 Howard Performing Arts Center (HPAC) Unrestricted No Yes
5 Alumni Unrestricted No No
6 Science Complex - Small Lot Community No  
7 Administration Community No  
8 Service Center (Timed) Unrestricted No  
9 Service Center Lower Lot Unrestricted No  
10 Custodial Unrestricted No  
11 Physical Therapy Faculty/Staff No  
12 Johnson Gym  Unrestricted No  
13 Architecture Unrestricted No  
14 Honors House Unrestricted No  
15 Harrigan Hall Faculty/Staff No  
16 Plant Services Community No  
17 Marsh Hall Community No  
18 Hamel Hall Faculty/Staff No  
19 Meier Hall - Large Lot M/B/D Yes  
20 Damazo Hall M/B/D Yes  
20A Damazo Hall - Guest Guest Only Yes  
21 Sutherland/IPA Unrestricted No  
22 Meier Hall - Small Lot M/B/D Yes  
23 Burman Hall M/B/D Yes  
24 Pioneer Memorial Church Unrestricted No  
25 Integrated Marketing & Communication (Former) Unrestricted No  
26 Lamson Hall - Large Lot Lamson Yes  
27 Campus Center/Lamson Hall - Small Lot Lamson Yes  
28 Campus Safety Unrestricted No  
29 Garland Apartments Housing Yes  
30 Maplewood Apartments Housing Yes  
31 Beechwood Apartments Housing Yes  
32 Andrews Academy Housing No  
33 Ruth Murdoch Elementary School Unrestricted No  
34 University Medical Center Unrestricted No  
35 Horn Museum Unrestricted No  
36 Griggs Hall Unrestricted No  
37 Pathfinder Building Unrestricted No  
38 Airpark Unrestricted No  
39 AU Trails Unrestricted No  

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