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The Second Hallmark

A Wholesome Lifestyle

There’s a reason many students choose Andrews University. It’s because we agree that core Christian values like honesty, modesty, respect for others, drug- and alcohol-free living, and purity really do matter. We think you’ll agree, too. Reaching for a higher standard is easier when we're committed to doing it together!

  1. A supportive environment for personal and spiritual growth

  2. Christian friends

  3. A wide variety of student clubs and activities

  4. An active intramural and athletics program

"Life at Andrews has given me a chance to build up my beliefs, meet new people, make strong friendships, and keep these memories forever!"         

 Janelle Bedford, Pre-Dentistry









View our Community Values Agreement.

View our Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking Policy and Resources.

View our Substance Abuse Policy and Resources.

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