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A Message from the Vice President


With the array of choices available to you to when selecting an educational home, I warmly thank you for Choosing Andrews.

It is my mission to create a campus culture where students are drawn to love the Lord with all their heart and soul and mind.

My offer to you as a student is...

  • To listen and seek to understand you As you seek assistance we will listen and strive to understand how we can best help.
  • To provide you with a team of dedicated student life professionals Together it is our desire to help you grow to your full potential mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • To provide opportunities for you to enjoy and contribute to a rich campus life.  This campus has an amazing variety of spiritual and social programs, many of them led by great students like you.    
  • To celebrate you and your accomplishments As you visit the offices of Student Life throughout the school year, we will celebrate and honor Andrews students in a host of ways.
  • To hold you accountable to our community values Just as you have chosen to attend a uniquely Christian Seventh-day Adventist university, you have committed to upholding our community values.
  • To pray with you about God’s special plan for your life.  On any day, we will pray with you about seeking and reaching towards God’s purpose for your life.

Finally, I offer this advice:

  • Take Care for yourself; you are one of a kind, created in the image of God.
  • Take Care for each other; all are precious in His sight.                  
  • Take Care for this place; your care for Andrews University makes it better, for you and those that follow
  • Take Care for your Creator; "for in Him we move and have our being."

Take Care,

Frances Faehner, PhD

Vice President for Student Life

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