Campus Visit

Come take a look! Decide if Andrews is right for you. We've found that one of the most effective ways—if not the best way—to discover which school fits you best is through a campus visit. So come on!

We want you to see Andrews in detail, up close and personal. A weekday visit will allow you to experience the campus in action. If you enjoy a more one-on-one type of visit, then a weekday visit is for you, as University Previews are more group oriented. We also recommend weekday visits if you are a transfer student and/or an older student.

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The Individual Visit Experience

You will have the opportunity to meet with professors and ask questions about your program(s) of interest. You’ll also get to observe classes so you can see what college classes are really like. We recommend coming during Monday–Thursday if you would like to see more than one academic department and ensure you have time to get all your questions answered.

We also know that finances matter, so we will book an appointment with one of our financial aid advisors. They will tell you about all the options available to help finance your education. Then an admissions counselor will help guide you through the application process and/or answer any questions you have.

To make sure you get the real scoop on college life, we’ll be sure to connect you with some current students. In addition to this, you’ll get your very own Andrews T-shirt, lots of helpful information and enjoy two days of on-campus dining pleasure (our treat)!

If you have any other special requests, please do not hesitate to talk with us. We are more than happy to help.


Accommodation & Transportation

If you are coming for an Individual Visit and staying overnight, you’ll have two options for your stay: on-campus or at a nearby hotel. Most of our guests stay in our campus guest rooms located at the Campus Center or University Towers.

If these guest rooms are unavailable however, Andrews will cover a two-night stay at a nearby hotel. If you will be arriving by airplane via the South Bend Regional Airport, we will also make arrangements with our Office of Transportation for you to be picked up and taken back to the airport. Please note that Andrews University does not cover your travel costs to and from your home, but will cover your lodging and meals once you arrive for your visit.

Whether you stay overnight, or just come in for a day visit, your first appointment will be with us at the lower level of the Administration Building. There we will be happy to greet you and get your visit started!

When you make your visit reservation all the necessary details will be shared with you, so you know what to do and expect every step of the way.