Andrews University Community Covenant of Care

In humility value others above yourselves. Philippians 2:3

As a Seventh-day Adventist Christian learning community, Andrews University is guided by the teachings and example of Jesus. In that context, we regard our personal rights and preferences as secondary to His call to care for the wellbeing of others, even and especially as we emerge from the global risks and impact of COVID-19. Even as restrictions and guidelines change, we continue to have shared responsibilities (see our Statement of Responsibility) for which each one of us as a member of the Andrews community will be held accountable.

While it is not possible to eliminate the risk of COVID-19 infection completely (see revised Statement of Responsibility), each one of us as students, faculty and staff must take significant steps to help stop the risk and spread of COVID-19 infection by persistently protecting and caring for our own and others’ health and safety.

Therefore, you, as a valued member of our campus community, are asked to help create a culture of care by practicing our Andrews University Community Covenant of Care. A violation of this Covenant may constitute grounds for discipline. It may also represent  violations of the Code of Student Conduct, the Faculty Working Policy, and/or the Employee Handbook, which could lead to further disciplinary processes.

We will continue to monitor our protocols in light of guidance from the CDC and public health officials.  We also seek your understanding as this may lead to additional new measures or the relaxing of some other requirements over time.

The Covenant includes, but may not be limited to:



If you’re not yet vaccinated (or don’t have acquired immunity from a previous COVID-19 infection), it’s important to be tested at the start of the semester, and monthly thereafter. There will no longer be COVID-19 testing available on campus, and unvaccinated students and employees will be responsible for arranging for these periodic COVID-19 tests locally at their own expense.

You can request a ride from the Andrews University Office of Transportation during their normal business hours to a medical appointment or testing site by completing this form. If it is an emergency and it is after hours or the weekend, call 269-471-6492.

Faculty and staff must notify Human Resources, and students must notify Student Life, immediately upon learning of a positive test so that contact tracing and discussions of potential reasonable accommodations wherever possible may commence. Individuals testing positive for COVID-19 will be required to follow all CDC and Berrien County Health Department recommendations, which may include isolation and/or quarantine for a recommended period. Any student or employee who declines to comply with this testing requirement may be excluded from campus. 

Good hygiene & healthy habits

Even as we prepare to move beyond the significant global threat of COVID-19, the virus and its variants are still present in many places, and it’s important to continue to practice good hygiene by washing our hands often with soap and water, using hand sanitizer and coughing or sneezing into the bend of an arm or a tissue.

It’s also important to continue to practice healthy habits to build our immune system (through proper diet, exercise, sleep, hygiene, water intake, fresh air) and seek support and care for our mental health. As a guide to this goal, you can find a helpful wellness checklist here.


Physical distancing

It’s important that all members of our community (vaccinated or unvaccinated) respect personal space and maintain appropriate physical distancing on and off campus (ideally, six feet/two meters) when possible, especially when you’re in public indoor spaces. We understand that physical distancing may not always be possible in some indoor spaces that have fixed seating or in academic settings.

Face covering

Every member of our community (vaccinated and unvaccinated) may be required to use an appropriate face covering when indoors while in public spaces and traveling on University buses and other transportation. Please be willing to support these expectations. Current masking requirements are available through the Campus Protocols.


If you’re not yet vaccinated (or don’t have natural immunity from a previous COVID-19 infection), please stay home if you have been exposed to someone who is ill or has tested positive for COVID-19. Whether you have been vaccinated, have previous immunity or not, if you are sick, you are required to  stay home or in your residence space. You should use the #CampusClear app to record symptoms on the days you feel ill (please note that you no longer need to make daily reports on #CampusClear if you’re not ill).


Clean environment

Please continue to help keep everyone healthy by actively participating in cleaning and sanitizing frequently used shared common equipment and surfaces.


Keep safety equipment (i.e. plexiglass shields) in place, carefully adhere to instructional signage and University guidelines as communicated via email and the Andrews University's COVID-19 website.

What we do for the health and safety of our community is vitally important. At the same time,
how we do it will define who we are as a community that seeks to exemplify the love of God.