Policy of Transfer Courses

Lower level engineering courses with similar course descriptions from community and four year programs articulate as AU courses.

All upper level engineering courses need to be reviewed by the department.

Upper level engineering courses from ABET accredited programs will articulate as AU courses if the course descriptions are similar, or as electives if the course descriptions do not have AU equivalents.

Upper level engineering courses from non-ABET accredited programs will have to be petitioned in order to count towards an AU engineering degree.

A petition will only be supported by the department if the student proves themselves as capable students at an ABET accredited program.
Students prove themselves as capable by passing an upper level engineering course that has the course to be petitioned as a pre-requisite at AU or another ABET accredited institution.

If a student fails the upper level AU engineering course they are using to prove themselves, the student has to retake the pre-requisite course at an ABET accredited institution, and cannot simply retake the failed upper level AU engineering course.

Other transfer courses are considered on a case by case basis.