News & Events

New Discoveries about Noah's Ark in Ararat

Dr. Randy Younker, Professor of Archaeology and History of Antiquity Director, PhD (Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology) Program... read more >

Lecture: Origins and Life Processes

Marlene Murray, professor of biology, will present the lecture titled "Origins and Life Processes: Traveling in Ancient Times,... read more >

"Egypt and the Bible" -- A Lecture

You are invited to participate in the presentation "Egypt and the Bible" by L.S. Baker, associate director, Andrews... read more >

Due to the uprise of COVID-19 the school has placed restrictions and limited access to campus. There will not be any events until further notice. We appreciate your continous prayer and support, as always we are interested in hearing from you! Contact the Department of History and Political Science at for any questions or comments you may have.