About the Department

The study of history and political science provides enhanced understanding of society, increases communication skills, and teaches critical thinking. These, and other benefits of a liberal arts education, bring confidence and increased enjoyment in every area of life by broadening the students’ intellectual experience.

The History and Political Science Department serves Andrews students in several ways. It provides general educational courses required for all students and offers degree programs for those interested in further study of American and European history, political science, or social studies.  Faculty in the department aid students in understanding the relationship of the past and present and demonstrate how local, national, and international political processes affect and respond to events. All teachers approach their subjects from an explicit, biblically based, Christian perspective.

Our degrees have enabled students to pursue careers in various fields: teaching, law, hospital administration, emergency management, community and international development, NGO administration, public policy, and social work.

Our alumni have attended both graduate and law school at University of Chicago, Pepperdine University, American University, Northeastern University, University of Michigan, Catholic University, and Andrews University. Alumni have been or are currently employed as Ambassadors, hospital administrators, members of Congress, political assistant and secretary  to the Ambassador of Cyprus in Brazil, the Governor of Hawaii and the Governor General of Jamaica, policy advisors, Peace Corps volunteers, Non-profit employees, educators, and legal counsels.