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Andrews Partnership Scholarship

Test scores and good grades are worth more than a pat on the back. We think they’re potentially worth thousands. Read the following details to learn more about our APS. The APS is open to all students (including, Canadian and International students). Here’s how it works:

Accepted First -year Freshmen

Andrews Partnership Scholarships are awarded for incoming main campus first-year freshmen. Students with 24 or less previous college semester credits completed after high school graduation can receive this scholarship for up to 10 semesters toward their first undergraduate degree. To learn more about our admissions requirements click here.

The APS is based on the addition of SAT/ ACT critical reading and mathematical scores (writing score not included). All tests must be taken by July 15.


Starting Fall 2016

Annual APS 4-Year Total APS
$12,000 $48,000
$10,000 $40,000
$8,000 $32,000
$6,000 $24,000


Additional Andrews Partnership Scholarship for FTIAC (first time in any college) Students

In addition to the Andrews Partnership Scholarship (based upon the combination of high school cumulative GPA and ACT/SAT scores) freshmen are eligible for an additional $2,000 annually in special APS for one of the following:
1. ACT composite score of 30 to 33*
2. SAT Critical Reading + Mathematics combined score of 1330 - 1480 (writing score not included)*

Continuing eligibility and time frames for this scholarship are the same as for the regular APS. Transfer students do not qualify for the additional APS for ACT or SAT scores since their APS is based upon their transfer cumulative college GPA. 

*If you have a composite score of 34 (ACT) or 1490 (SAT Math + Verbal) or higher, you qualify for the Full Tuition ACT/SAT scholarship


Accepted Undergraduate Transfer Students

Scholarships are awarded to undergraduate transfer students (with 25 or more semester credits) working towards their first bachelors degree, based on their cumulative college GPA prior to articulation of transfer credits. To learn more about our admissions standards, click here.


Starting Fall 2016

GPA Scholarship Amount
3.50 and higher $9,000
3.00 to 3.49 $7,000
2.50 to 2.99 $5,000
Below 2.50 $3,000

Transfer students may receive this scholarship for up to eight semesters while pursuing their first undergraduate degree.

Transfer students can qualify for as a National Merit Finalist, National Achievement or National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar.

National Merit Finalists, National Achievement Finalists & National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholar
Students who are National Merit Finalists, National Achievement Finalists or National Hispanic Recognition Scholar are eligible for a special full-tuition scholarship up to a maximum of 144 semester credits or completion of their first undergraduate degree (whichever comes first), in place of the regular and the additional APS.

These scholarships (APS, Additional APS, National Merit Finalists, National Achievement Finalists or National Hispanic Recognition Scholar) are for main campus coursework only with the exclusion of tour credits/expenses. The full APS is given for 12–16 credits per semester. 75% of APS is given for 9–11 credits and 50% APS is given for 6–8 credits.

To determine your APS scholarship, plug in your GPA and test scores.