Political Science Degrees

A Political Science major from Andrews University equips students with unique knowledge and skills that can lead to success in a wide range of areas. It prepares students for careers in teaching, government and politics, law, and for graduate student in a wide range of professional and academic areas. In addition to the goal of preparing students for a specific profession, it teaches lessons in citizenship and statesmanship and seeks to encourage the moral, intellectual, civic, social and spiritual maturity to accompany a life well-lived. The discipline of Political Science also teaches students to critically assess a host of difficult problems and aims at finding practical solutions to some of the world's most urgent social, economic and political problems. In short, political science will give students the knowledge and tools to contribute to their community and world in important ways. 

BA or BS: Political Science - 43 Credits

See our degree guide for Political Science.

A minor in Political Science from Andrews University complements any major and equips students with knowledge and skills that support all academic programs. 

Minor in Political Science - 21 Credits

        PLSC 104 American Government
        PLSC 120 Analyzing Politics*
        PLSC 225 Comparative Politics Or PLSC 230 International Relations
        PLSC 326 American Political Institutions: Judiciary Or PLSC 328 American Political Institutions: Congress
        PLSC 456 Classical, Medieval, and Early Modern Political Thought
        6 credits of upper-division political science