The following students do NOT have to take the MPE:

1) New incoming students who already have an MPE score assigned to them from their SAT or ACT scores.

2) Students who have, at the time of their first enrollment at Andrews University, transferred credit from an accredited college in a college algebra, precalculus, precalculus algebra, trigonometry, or any calculus course. All these courses, when evaluated and accepted by the University, will satisfy the General Education Mathematics requirement. 
Caution: Courses named Elementary Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, College Mathematics, or Beginning Algebra will generally not be sufficient to meet the General Education requirement although taking them can help students score well on the MPE.

3) Students who have taken AP Calculus and have passed the AB test with a score of at least 3 or have passed the BC test with a score of at least 4.

4) Students enrolled in the English Language Institute are not required to take the MPE until the first semester of enrollment in regular college level courses.