Math Hold Information

What is a math hold?

Like all other holds, a math hold prevents you from registering for classes in the future. Andrews University requires that students take the SAT or ACT test and have an MPE equivalent score assigned to them OR to take Math Placement Exam during their first semester on campus . If you do not do so, we will notify you with test dates, and if you fail to take the MPE, we will place a math hold on your record so that you cannot register for the next semester.

What is the purpose of the math hold?

The purpose of the math hold is to encourage you to take the Math Placement Exam so that you will know just which math courses you need to take and can plan your college curriculum and graduate on time. Some students take up to three semesters or more to complete their math requirements, so knowing exactly what your math requirements are can help you to plan ahead.

If I have a math hold and the classes I need to take are filling up, will someone release the math hold temporarily so that I can register and get the classes I need?  

No. Releasing the hold so you can register defeats the purpose of the hold. You can avoid this problem by taking the exam well in advance of registration.

How can I avoid getting a hold? 

Have your SAT or ACT scores sent to Andrews.

Take the Math Placement Exam.

Make sure math credit you earned at other colleges or universities has been transferred to Andrews and recorded on your transcript. [Remember that the math courses must be at the level of College Algebra or above. (Intermediate Algebra is below the level of College Algebra.)]

I took the Andrews University Math Placement Exam when it was given at my academy. Do I have to take the exam again?

No. However, even though you took the exam at your academy, the score will not show on your iVue profile if you did not have an Andrews University ID number at the time. Please contact the Math Department at 269-471-3423 or so that we can enter your score into your iVue profile. Just keep in mind that the MPE score is good for only 4 years from the date you took the test.

I think a mistake has been made in my records. Who can help me? 

Please contact your academic advisor, the Records Office (269-471-3375), or the Math Department (269-471-3423),

I plan to take a math course in the summer at a community college. Do I have to take the Math Placement Exam? 

Yes.  And you must get the dean's office to approve the course for transfer into Andrews.

When will the Math Placement Exam be given? 

See the current semester schedule of review sessions and exam times. You will find the review sessions very helpful, but they are not required.

Where can I find sample questions, review resources, and other information about the exam? 

You can find this information in the literature rack in the hall near the Math Department office and on the Math Department Web site for MPE preparation or the MPE practice test.