Mission: Invent

STEM Division
Nethery Hall 135
4141 Administration Dr
(269) 471-3872


Welcome to Mission: Invent 2023!

Join us for an exciting event to support our student inventors. See their incredible inventions and enjoy the experience with them.  Check out the nearby sights by visiting Battle Creek and the Historic Adventist Village or Chicago prior to or after Mission: Invent.

Transportation to Campus:
Guests who are flying in may arrange transportation from South Bend International Airport and other nearby locations. This must be arranged ahead of time with the transportation department and requires a fee for each person. You can find more information and make arrangements on the Transportation Department website.
If you arrange transportation to campus, you will need to make other arrangements to get to a hotel (no hotels in Berrien Springs) or arrange to stay on campus. Contact Monica Nudd (monica.nudd@gmail.com) to make arrangements for on-campus housing.

Event Posters