BS in Allied Health Administration

A Bachelors Degree in Allied Health Administration for Health-Care Professionals

The Bachelor of science in Allied Health Administration is designed for health-care professionals seeking the academic background to prepare them for advancement into management/administrative positions within their own areas of expertise or in healthcare in general.

The degree format features a strong general education and administrative/business component in order to provide an academic foundation for health-care administrative positions.

Other than general education or cognate requirements that a student may need to complete, the degree is configured to have a core of 27 semester credits of business and administrative courses and a 4-credit Practicum in Administration.

The practicum, the last component of the degree, takes place at an affiliate institution with an administrator/manager in the student’s own discipline. (e.g. For a respiratory therapist, the practicum would be with a Respiratory Therapy Department administrator.)

Degree Requirements Credits
Transfer credits accepted from AS degree or certificate program 34
General education (complete Bachelor of Sciences general education requirements) 46
Business/Administration Courses 27
Practicum Administration 4


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