Certificate in MLS

A MLS Certificate for Students Who Already Hold a Bachelors

The certificate in Medical Laboratory Sciences Program is designed for individuals who...

  • Already hold a baccalaureate degree

  • Do not want to earn another bachelor’s degree

  • Want to be eligible to write United States national certification examinations in order to work as a certified Medical Laboratory Scientist.

Clinical Year Program (3 semesters)

Completion of the Clinical Year Program (3 semesters) plus the pre-clinical summer semester qualifies post-baccalaureate students for eligibility to write the United States national certification examination.

  • 47 credits total

    • 29 credits in lecture and student laboratories are taught on the Berrien Springs campus

    • 18 remaining credits are earned through clinical practica* at one of our affiliate hospitals or clinical laboratory sites located throughout the United States

             *Students work side by side with practicing laboratory professionals in patient health care.

Upon completion of the Clinical Year Program, students earn a certificate in Medical Laboratory Sciences; a degree is not granted.

The Undergraduate Curriculum & Timeline, Clinical Year Program provides further details about the Clinical Year.

Depending on their academic background, some students are able to complete the program in as little as four semesters:  summer, fall, spring and summer semester (14 months).

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