BS in MLS - 1st Degree

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science is a four-year degree program. The curriculum consists of...

  • 3 years of Pre-Clinical Studies

  • 1 year (3 semesters) of professional clinical education known as the Clinical Year Program.

Pre-Clinical Studies (77 credits)

  • 13 credits of MLS pre-requisites

  • 35 credits in required cognate courses (science & math)

  • 29 credits in general education courses (refer to Undergraduate Curriculum & Timeline, Preclinical Studies).

The Clinical (Senior)* Year (47 credits)

  • 47 credits total.

    • 29 credits in lecture and student laboratories are taught on the Berrien Springs campus.

    • 18  remaining credits are earned through clinical practica* at one of our affiliate hospitals or clinical laboratory sites located throughout the United States

*In order to enter the final year of studies (Clinical Year), students must submit an application and be
  accepted into the Clinical Year Program. See Admission and Applications.
**Students work side by side with practicing laboratory professionals in patient health care.


For an Overview of the Curriculum...

and the structure of the BSMLS degree refer to Undergraduate Curriculum and Timeline.


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