Becoming a Community Center

Once you have gotten involved in campus discipleship activities and local community outreach, the next step is to begin hosting campus events back at your school. Amidst society's secular shift, most people in the surrounding community would rather attend events hosted at the school than at the church. Since the people in the community have now seen your hands-on work, they will be more interested in getting to know more about you and why you care so much about the community. This makes your school the perfect venue for hosting community outreach and, eventually, evangelistic events.

Sponsor Lunch

Host a meal for community helpers

Become a Voting Center

A great way to interact with your local community

ESL Classes

Help newcomers overcome the language barrier

Food Pantry

Starting a food pantry is a great way to serve the community

Marriage Counseling

Improve the community by improving the family

Multipurpose Room

Offer your spare room to other groups

Open Gym

Use your gym to reach the community

After-School Programs

Create a safe space for the kids of your community

Empowerment Classes

Improve the community by improving individuals

The Conquer Series

Help your community overcome porn addiction

Poor Garden Project

Disciple your kids—help the needy

Backpack Drive

Host a backpack drive before school starts

Helping a Social Cause

Organize a 5k walk/run for a social cause

Educational Services

Educate your community

Healthy Living Day

Educate your community about health

Thanksgiving Dinner

Host a yearly Thanksgiving dinner

Summer Job Fair

Help those in the community who are looking for jobs

"Help! I'm a Parent"

Encourage families as they make disciples in their own homes

The Lift Project

A holistic health program to lift your mood and your life


Marching kids to the Kingdom

Philosophy of Campus Ministry

Understanding the right mindset for successful and meaningful campus ministry