Residents that display excellent citizenship records may apply for Honors Status in the residence hall. Below is information for residence who are either applying for or currently maintain Honors Status.

Honors Status Specifics:

20+ Year Old Freshman Sophomore    Junior    Senior/21+
Maintain minimum GPA of 3.25 3.0 3.0 3.0
Required number of semesters lived in AU residence halls None One One One
Citizenship record   Excellent Excellent Excellent
Honors curfew will be Sophomore status

1AM Sun-Fri

1:30AM Sat

2AM Sun-Fri

2AM Sat

No set curfew


All residents are expected to maintain excellent citizenship records and uphold all University guidelines. They will be expected to entertain in their living units only those of their own gender, and to be guests only in living units of their own gender. The main lobby and auditorium (during programs) are the only exception to this rule. All honor statuses will be asked to show their ID cards at room checks and upon entering or exiting the building after the doors lock for the night. After door locking, the only approved means of exit or entrance is the front lobby door. Failure to comply with University and University Towers guidelines will result in rescinding honor status. You are being called to a status of honor, live it well.


Click here to apply for Honors Status. Upon completion of the form, an email will be sent both to you and to Meier Housing. Please allow up to one week for processing.


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