Residence Life

The residence hall for single, female undergraduates under age 22.

The residence hall for single, male undergraduates under age 22.

Two separated residence halls, Burman Hall and Damazo Hall, for undergradautes age 22+ and graduates. 

Married Students & Families
Undergraduate Students 22+
Graduate Students

A residential campus

Unlike commuter colleges, an Andrews education extends beyond the classroom. It takes place as you live and learn together in a community-based atmosphere in our residence halls. We invite you to join us for that journey! Wherever you live, we want our campus to feel like home.


Residence Life

Jennifer Burrill

Assistant Vice President for Residence Life/Dean for Student Life

Office Location: Student Life, Campus Center
Residence Hall Housing Office Email:
University Apartments Office Email:  

Welcome to Residence Life at Andrews University! Our team consists of a director plus seven full-time professional deans who serve in our residence halls, implementing a variety of programming, mentoring and support services. Besides the full-time professional staff, each residence hall has Resident Advisors and Student Deans who assist the deans in mentoring and supporting the residents. With the additional support of full-time housekeepers, administrative assistants, health club managers and in-house maintenance supervisors, Residence Life strives to make our residence halls a "home away from home" for all our residents.

Our apartments team consists of a director and full-time professional staff including administrative assistants, a maintenance supervisor, maintenance technicians, and a cleaning technician.  This team is committed to assisting our graduate students and families with their housing needs as they pursue their degree at Andrews University.  

Feel free to contact me through email or by phone.  Our entire residence hall staff is here to serve and support you in every way we can.  Meet the team by clicking here.

“I would not change the spiritual atmosphere that this residence hall provides. There are always opportunities to seek God.”
– Kayla Casey

Current Residents

Welcome to Residence Life at Andrews University! We are glad you are here! Please let a dean know if there's anything we can do to assist you as you navigate your college experience.

Residence Hall Housing Office

(For undergraduates and single graduates)

Phone: (269)471-6665


University Apartments Housing Office

(For graduate students and undergraduates age 22+)

Phone: (269)471-6979

Residence Life