Tech Help for Residence Halls

Connectivity Options

Wireless. All residence halls are equipped with wireless connectivity throughout.

Lamson Hall—Certain rooms are equipped with two network ports. Other rooms are wireless-only.
Meier Hall—Rooms in Meier Hall have one or two wired network ports.

Wireless Routers. Wireless routers are not prohibited in the residence halls. However, where applicable, it is advised that the wireless functionality be turned off to not degrade wireless performance due to multiple wireless signals interfering with each other. Consult your device documentation on how to turn off wireless functionality.

If you experience issues with either wired or wireless connectivity, email the Technology Helpdesk at or contact the Computer Support Line at 269-471-6016.

How Do I Get Connected?

Wireless: Connect your device to the au-secure wifi network. When prompted, enter your Andrews username (without ""), then your password.
For more information on getting connected to the Andrews University wifi networks, visit our Wireless @ Andrews page.

If you live in the residence halls, register the hardware (MAC) address of the device's ethernet (wired) port. This will allow network connectivity to the Internet. These devices may include:

  • Routers
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Streaming Media Devices (Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.)
  • Desktop Computers
  • Laptop Computers
  • Smart TVs

To Register Your Device:

  • Send your MAC address to the ITS Contact Center by doing one of the following:
    • Email your wired MAC address and AUID to the Technology Helpdesk:
    • Call the Computer Support Line: 269-471-6016. Please be ready to provide your wired MAC address and AUID
    • Visit the Service Desk @ the AU Bookstore

Why register?
Gaming consoles and streaming devices do not support the wireless security (WPA2-Enterprise) required to connect to the au-secure wireless network. Where applicable, these devices need to be wired into the Andrews network using an Ethernet cable. For more information, visit: Connecting to WPA2-Enterprise Networks from Wifi Enabled Devices.

Questions? Email the Technology Helpdesk at or call the Computer Support Line at 269-471-6016.

Computer Labs

All residence halls house computer labs operated by Information Technology Services (ITS). Each lab has a networked printer for the residents' printing needs.

  • Lab users must have a valid and active Andrews username and password to use the lab workstations
  • Lab users must be a resident of their respective residence hall in order to sign on to the lab workstations

Telephone and Cable TV Services & Installation

Visit the ITS-Telecommunications online resource for information related to this topic.

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