Andrews University Printing Services

As part of the Centralized Printing Program, Andrews University has been using a print quota management system called PaperCut for network printing from lab and university-issued computers. PaperCut also allows you to manage your account online via a webpage showing your quota usage and environmental impact.

You can login to PaperCut by visiting and use your Andrews username and password to see your personal PaperCut information, including money used and remaining. Computers on campus will require you to login in order to print on networked printers.


What You Should Know

How do I know that I have the PaperCut client software installed?
Windows users will see a  in the notification tray.
Mac users will see a  in the Apple Menu bar.

How will printing be different?
Users may see an additional prompt similar to the one below. Simply select the appropriate Print job actions then select Print:

My print jobs aren't printing in some computer labs. What's going on?
You must add money on your PaperCut account first before you can print on PaperCut-managed printers.
Login to your PaperCut account and select Add Credit Card Payment or Add Student Account Payment.

I keep getting emails that my print job was cancelled. How do I print?
The PaperCut client is not installed. Download and install the PaperCut Client:
Download for Windows (51.5 MB)
Download for Mac (10.5 MB)

How can I view my PaperCut account?
Login to
(Andrews username & password required)

How can I set my default charge account?
(for eligible faculty and staff use only)

  1. Login to
  2. Select Set Default Charge Account
  3. If prompted, login with your Andrews username & password
  4. Choose your default account and select Save

Fiscal Responsibility
Printing is costly. Printers, paper, maintenance, ink and toner add up on a campus our size. By tracking and directing printing across campus we find better ways to save money for the University. We can then reinvest that money into other areas.


Printing/Copying (B/W) $0.06 - 0.18
Printing/Copying (Color) $0.18 - $0.42

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