Residential life is a vital part of the educational mission of Andrews University. It provides many opportunities for interaction with others for friendship, for the formulation of values, and for exercising communal and personal responsibility. We want you to feel at home here and make your room yours.

Room Reservations

New students may enter an application and request a room on line or mail the application found in your acceptance packet. (CLICK HERE to watch a video tutorial on completing and submitting a Housing Application)

Current students should check their Andrews e-mail account often as you will receive notices regarding the room request schedule for current students and other important housing information. Schedules to request your room for the upcoming year will be posted and e-mailed in the preceding spring semester. It is advisable to choose a roommate and have him enter his request at the same time to ensure room availability. Request a room for the upcoming fall semester. It's easy!

Room Deposit

A room deposit of $250 must be paid prior to requesting a room. This deposit should remain on your account for the duration of expected residency. Once you have completed school or no longer plan to live in the dorm, you may request a deposit refund by contacting the Men's Housing Coordinator. If you make a room request and do not live in the dorm for the term specified, or do not cancel your request by the application deadline (approximately 30 days prior to the academic term) your deposit is forfeited.

Rooming Alone (Single Occupancy)

Single occupancy may be granted upon submission of the Single Occupancy Request, as space is available, by seniority, and upon approval from Student Financial Services. There is a 75% additional charge for single occupancy. Single occupancy must be arranged with the Men's Housing Coordinator.

Should you lose your current roommate we encourage you to choose another roommate. We can provide suggestions, but if you are unwilling to accept a new rommate, you will be charged the single occupancy rate.

Summer Rooms

All residents staying for the summer sessions will live in Burman Hall. If you plan to stay for any part of the summer term, please request a summer room in Burman Hall and plan to move immediately following graduation weekend. Spring room reservations do not carry over to the summer term and summer room reservations do not carry over to the fall term.


Your room key is assigned to you at check-in. Please know that there will be a $75 charge if you:

  • Lose your key
  • Do not return your key at check-out time
  • Change rooms without returning your key

If you lose your key, come to the main office in Meier Hall to get a replacement. The lock cylinder will be changed and new keys will be issued.


In order to comply with safety regulations, student-made lofts are no longer permitted in Meier Hall. Residents still have the option to bunk and loft their beds, and may speak with Housekeeping the first few weeks of the semester to borrow the components necessary.


Double-sided tape should not be used on the walls. Nail or screws are not to be driven into walls. Pictures, posters, etc. may be placed on the walls with tape or poster putty. Please see the maintenance supervisor if you want a heavy item hung on the wall. Remember you ae responsible for cleaning your walls upon checking out of the residence hall. Do not put decals on your door. It is expected that all your room decorations will be in keeping with Christian standards. Posters or decorations that emphasize alcohol, drugs and rock culture, the occult or the exploitation of sexuality, or any display not in keeping with Christian standards may not be displayed and will be removed by a dean, student dean or RA. Note that fire regulations call for clear floor space under windows, and the doors must be able to open fully.

What Not To Bring

  • Subwoofer/amplifiers
  • Animals
  • Toasters, hotplates, toaster ovens, heaters with an open coil
  • Air soft guns, pellet guns, squirt guns, any kind of fake toy guns
  • Knives or anything that is a weapon or modeled after a weapon will be confiscated and not returned
  • Matches, lighters, fireworks of any type, incense, candles, flammable materials
  • Narcotics, alcohol, tabacco. All drugs must have a prescription if they are not over-the-counter.
  • Halogen lights
  • Hunting equipment
  • Pornography and/or suggestive material of any kind

What To Bring

  • Bedding
  • Laundry supplies
  • Shower supplies
  • Heavy clothing for winter
  • An iron (ironing boards are provided)
  • Personal necessities


Damage of an accidental nature that is promply reported will be charged at replacement costs. Unreported damages will be treated as vandalism. Any person or persons involved in unreported damages will be charged the cost of the item(s) and labor, and face possible discipline. Call ext. 6172 to report all damage, or e-mail


Meier Hall can not be responsible for letters or packages sent to the Residence Halls. If your friends or relatives wish to send you items of value, we recommend they send it insured and with personal signature receipt required. Additionally, personal renters insurance is recommended.


If you have any questions or need more information please contact


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