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A Gathered Community

Andrews University offers a rich learning environment both inside and outside the classroom. Classes required for a student’s chosen academic curriculum are complemented by a number of required co-curricular experiences each semester. Curricular and co-curricular requirements work together to deliver the unique whole-person education that lies at the heart of Andrews University’s mission.

Two types of co-curricular programs are offered.

Both types of programs are integral to the Andrews University educational experience, connecting faith, living and learning, and fostering the building of community.:

Chapels and Forums

Chapel programs

Chapel pdrograms are designed to gather the university family together once a week for corporate worship, spiritual inspiration and biblical instruction.


Forums, often presented by noted leaders, focus on major issues of concern to Christians as they live and work in the global community. These occur approximately once a month.

Co-Curricular Choices

A wide variety of programs will gather smaller groups of students together each week and focus on their intellectual, spiritual and leadership development. These choices will be presented at different times throughout the week in the residence halls and across campus.

Required Attendance

All undergraduate students are required to attend 30 programs a semester, including Chapels, Forums, and Co-Curricular Choices. Work conflicts do NOT exempt students from attendance.

Chapel/Forum Minimum
Of the 30 required programs, students must attend a minimum of 15 Chapel/Forum programs each semester. These are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 a.m., usually in the Pioneer Memorial Church and Howard Performing Arts Center

Co-Curricular Choices Minimum
The remainder of the 30 required programs can be selected from the Co-curricular Choices offered throughout each week. These programs will be offered in the residence halls and across campus. Undergraduates living in residence halls must attend a minimum of eight (8) Co-Curricular Choices each semester offered in their residence hall as part of their 30 required programs.


Students who choose to attend Andrews University not only make a commitment to be part of a gathered community, but agree to be held accountable for honoring that commitment. A $25 charge will be assessed for the first absence resulting in a failure to meet the requirements described above. A $10 charge will be assessed for EACH absence thereafter.

For example, if a student attends 11 chapels/forums, 9 residence hall worships, and 10 co-curricular choices, for a total of 30, a fine of $25 will be assessed due to not meeting the minimum number of chapel/forum appointments. 

If a residence hall student attends 17 chapels/forums, 7 residence hall worships, and 8 co-curricular choices, for a total of 31, a fine of $35 will be assessed due to not meeting the minimum number of residence hall appointments.


Number of Pograms Attended and/or Charges

Citizenship Response

26-32 programs and/or a Fee of $25-$85

Students will recieve a letter of warning.

19-25 programs and/or a Fee of $95-$155

Students will be placed on citizenship probation and receive a letter of probation, and may be ineligible to participate in campus activities and organizations.
A second semester of probation-level activity will result in a hold being placed on a student's account.

18 or less programs and/or a fee of $165 +

Students will be placed on citizenship probation and receive a letter of probation, and have their registration put on hold.

Before being cleared to continue with their studies, students must complete an accountability interview with the appropriate Student Life representative and       recommit to the Andrews University Community Values Agreement and attendance expectations.


Students who fail to honor their re-commitment to the Community Values Agreement may face additional citizenship consequences including suspension.

Excused absences from chapels and forums due to illness or emergency with verification are granted by the residence hall director. Absences must be cleared within one week of the absence.

Students are encouraged to keep track of their own attendance records by checking the website.
If you experience difficulty, please call 471.6686.

Decorum and conditions for creditfor attendance requires that you:

  • Present only your own ID card
  • Be at the scheduled meeting place on time & stay for the entire program
  • Be dressed appropriately (no hats, etc)
  • Behave appropriately and quietly, don't detract from the service or disturb others--don't bring reading material or food, don't talk, and don't access cell phone.
  • You must leave all papers, books and food outside of the worship setting.
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