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At Andrews University the health and well-being of students and of our campus community is of primary importance.  The University remains commiteed to assuring that all students have the opportunity to achieve optimal success and receive the best and most appropriate care.  The University Student Intervention Team (USIT) has been establisehd to intervene as deemed necessary to help protect the educational environment or the health and safety of the campus.

Observations of behaviors and reports of activities or conduct that appear to disrupt, jeopardize or threaten the educational environment or the health or safety of a student or others should be shared via the online reporting system below.  Reports may also be shared with the vice president for Campus & Student Life and/or members of USIT.  If there is a direct or imminent threat the observation should be directed immediately to Emergency Services (911) and to the Office of Campus Safety (269-471-3321).

Such observations may include disruptive, erratic or dysfunctional behaviors, a suicidal ideation or gesture, self-injurious actions, aberrant actions, threatening statements or behaviors, or other symptoms or conduct that may compromise the educational environment or the health and safety of the student or others.