Bruce Bauer

Professor of World Mission; Chair, Department of World Mission

Skip Bell

Professor of Church Leadership; Director, Doctor of Ministry Program

Russell Burrill

Professor of Evanglism and Church Growth, Emeritus

P. Richard Choi

Associate Professor of New Testament; Chair, Department of New Testament

Gorden Doss

Associate Professor of World Mission

Jacques Doukhan

Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Exegesis; Director, Institutes of Jewish-Christian Studies

Connie Gane

Assistant Professor of Archaeology and Old Testament; Curator, Horn Archaelogical Museum

Roy Gane

Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient Near Eastern Languages

Martin Hanna

Associate Professor of Historical Theology; Director, MA Religion

Don James

Assistant Professor of Small Group Evangelism; Associate Director, North American Division Evangelism Institute

Darius Jankiewicz

Associate Professor of Theology

Robert Johnston

Professor of New Testament and Christian Origins, Emeritus

R. Clifford Jones

Professor of Christian Ministry; Associate Dean

Miroslav Kiš

Professor of Ethics; Chair, Department of Theology & Christian Philosophy

S. Joseph Kidder

Associate Professor of Christian Ministry

George Knight

Professor of Church History, Emeritus

Nicholas Miller

Professor of Church History; Director, International Religious Liberty Institute

Jerry Moon

Associate Professor of Church History; Chair, Department of Church History; Editor, Andrews University Seminary Studies

Jiri Moskala

Professor of Old Testament Exegesis and Theology; Chair, Department of Old Testament

Trevor O'Reggio

Associate Professor of Church History

Stan Patterson

Associate Professor of Christian Ministry; Chair, Department of Christian Ministry

John Reeve

Assistant Professor of Church History

Teresa Reeve

Assistant Professor of New Testament Contexts

Larry Richards

Professor of New Testament Exegesis, Emeritus; Director, Greek Manuscript Research Center

Ed Schmidt

Assistant Professor of Personal Evangelism; Associate Director, North American Evangelism Institute

Tom Shepherd

Professor of New Testament

H. Peter Swanson

Assistant Professor of Pastoral Care; Director, Office of Assessment

Allan Walshe

Associate Professor of Youth Ministry; Chair, Department of Discipleship and Religious Education; Director, MA in Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Peter van Bemmelen

Professor of Theology, Emeritus