Study Helps

Qualifier Exams

Click on the links below for helpful study sheets that you can use in preparation for your qualifier exams.

Greek Exam Review

Biblical Knowledge Exam Review
Contact the Old Testament department for test information:

Hebrew and Greek study resources

When it comes to the biblical languages, it is vital to get a head start before stepping into the classroom. Therefore, the MDiv office has put together a few tools to assist you.

Greek 1

Mastering NT Greek by Ted Hildebrandt is an interactive site which contain text book and other materials that will help you with Greek 1.

If you prefer following along with an video tutorial, John Moore from Video Bible School NT Greek goes through the basic of NT Greek in 35 lessons . 

Greek 2

Daily Dose of Greek is a site by Rob Plummer, a New Testament professor at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. The site contians video lectures (Greek 1&2), 2 minute syntax tips and helpful tools.

For additional lecture video on Greek 2 vist NT Grrek II by Eternity Bible College.


Daily Dose of Hebrew is the Hebrew version of Daily Dose of Greek.

Animated Hebrew is a very good Hebrew 1 site that provides a strong a foundation for basic Hebrew. The site contains video lectures, a parsing interacting program, vocabulary flash cards and other resources.

Hebrew Grammar I is also a video lecture which provide the essential principles of phonology, morphology and syntax. The text book for this course is found here.

Vocabulary is the key in every language, but memorizing in a short time is difficult. A good memory device could is key. Therefore, by visiting Hebrew Vocabulary Videos and clicking on the each of the words category under Flash Cards will provide you with a vocabulary memory device for your Hebrew vocabulary. Just focus on the words need for your class.


How do I write an Exegesis paper?


Study Skills Seminar

Want to fine-tune your study skills? Download the following handouts from the Study Skills Seminars and follow along with the accompanying videos.

Hand outs:

Habits of Effective Students

Writing Skills: Taking notes and writing well (Power Point) (Handout)

Reading to Remember

Speed Reading


Habits of Effective Students

Writing Skills

Reading to Remember

Speed Reading