Going on Vocation


Andrews University is among a select group of institutions to receive the Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE) Vocation across the Academy Grant. The grant is intended to help member colleges and universities strengthen the connection between liberal arts and career preparation. This is carried out by including faculty and students in a wide range of academic and support programs that enhance the institution’s vocational exploration.

The opportunity comes through a partnership with the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC). Through this collaboration and funding, Andrews University will deepen the intersection between the Center for Faith Engagement, Office of Undergraduate Education and the Career Center by developing a program called “Going on Vocation” (GOV). GOV seeks to establish an institutional working definition of vocation through collaboration with faculty and staff. The program identifies and shares best practices for vocational discernment with all University schools and departments to promote an institutional culture which reflects that understanding of vocation and calling.

Going on Vocation also aims to establish the practice of teaching vocational exploration. Vocational exploration will be introduced to the curriculum beginning with a redesign of the 100-level undergraduate general education course “God and Human Life,” taught by Dr. Rodney Palmer, chair of the Department of Religion & Biblical Languages. The restructured course provides students with an understanding of the concept of vocation and calling from a Christian and theological perspective. It also assists students in their process of self-discovery through an in-depth analysis of how their personal stories, spiritual gifts, talents and strengths correlate with their life, learning, anticipated professions and civic responsibility. These objectives will be assessed through the completion of a spiritual gifts inventory, Strong Interest Inventory and service-learning activity.

The GOV program also enables students to focus on vocational discernment and career readiness through the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) competences. Joydel Trail, career services advisor, leads the process that guides students through tools and support services in order to help them to discern God’s calling in their life. In addition to career exploration, the Career Center  provides support for students through networking, mentoring, job internships, externships, fellowships and community engagement across academic disciplines. Faculty, staff and alumni will have the opportunity to serve as on-campus and micro-internship supervisors or be the primary sources of mentorship for student participants. Both supervisors and students are formally oriented to the program and its expectations at the beginning of each cohort year. Thus, both students and alumni will be better equipped with career readiness skills.

Andrews University has a long history of promoting the biblical philosophy that all work must be performed as unto God. Going on Vocation teaches students that all abilities are gifts from God and are to be used in His service. The team at the Center for Faith Engagement, led by Jose Bourget, University chaplain coordinates chapel and worship services, leadership development, coaching, service projects, student missions and hands-on opportunities for students to explore God’s calling on their life.

NetVUE serves more than 680 independent colleges and universities, including liberal arts, comprehensive, four-year, two-year and international institutions. 

(Original article by Isabella Koh for Campus News)

Benefits for students

  • Provides on-the-job, real-world experience to enhance employability
  • Offers mentorship from professionals
  • Provides an avenue for future opportunities
  • Allows for building of a professional network
  • Potential for financial gain

Benefits for on-campus supervisors

  • Create opportunities to fill future full-time needs through a career ready talent pool
  • Attractive incentive for recruitment
  • Enhanced leadership and mentorship skills
  • Participation in the advancement of student experiential learning and career outcomes

Program highlights 

  • Mentoring in eight career readiness competencies identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (Career and Self-development, communication, critical thinking, equity & inclusion, leadership, professionalism, teamwork, technology)
  • Official evaluation from your supervisor on the 8 career readiness competencies
  • Official career readiness reports through a nationally recognized evaluation tool (SkillSurvey). This report ranks students' career readiness among other college/university students in the nations. It can be used in portfolios, on digital profiles, and in interviews.
  • Access to a career assessment and follow up coaching session
  • Individual career coaching sessions in resume preparation and mock interviewing
  • Program orientation for students and supervisors
  • Access to a speaker series on Vocation and Calling
  • Lunch and Learn sessions on topics of vocation and calling for faculty and staff supervisors

How to participate

To participate, supervisors must complete the Going on Vocation Application Form. Students who wish to participate can request their supervisors to submit an application for participation. Supervisors must agree to be involved in the process throughout the cohosrt period. For questions, please email, career@andrews.edu or call (269) 471-6288. Participants are accepted on a cohort basis. The deadline to join the upcoming Fall 2024 cohort is August 2, 2024.

Student Eligibility & Commitment

  • Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate student
  • Must be employed as a student employee on campus (paid and unpaid positions)
  • Must have an identified direct supervisor willing to participate in the program and who has completed and submitted the Going on Vocation Application Form
  • Must have at least 4 semesters remaining
  • Attendance at a 2-hour orientation
  • Completion of a 10-minute career readiness self evaluation via SkillSurvey at the end of each participating semester
  • Participation in a student evaluation briefing with supervisor at the end of each participating semester
  • Participation in 9 hours of professional development activities each semester

Supervisor Eligibility & Commitment

  • Identification of NACE career readiness competencies for focus of mentorship and development with each student employee
  • Attendance at a 2-hour orientation 
  • Commitment to 20 minutes per month of mentorship meetings (group or individual)
  • Completion of a 10-minute student evaluation via SkillSurvey at the end of each participating semester for each student employee and briefing with each student employee about evaluation results
  • Completion and submission of the Going on Vocation Application form before the deadline on August 2, 2024.