New Donor Guide

If you are interested in donating but not entirely sure how the process works, this guide can be very useful. For any donor, knowing exactly what happens when they give is very important. Following is a guide to the path of your giving. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions.

You Decide to Support Andrews

You make a decision that you want to support the faith-based education and academic excellence at Andrews. You then determine the amount you want to give and where you want your gift to impact.

Andrews Receives Your Contribution

Your contribution is recorded in our system and deposited into the proper account based on your specifications. A letter of thanks and a tax receipt is then mailed or emailed to you, depending on how you gave. If you gave online, your letter of thanks and tax receipt will come via email to the address you provided. If you gave by another method (phone, regular mail, etc.) then you will receive your letter of thanks and tax receipt via regular mail.

Your Support Makes an Impact

Funds become available for use toward the areas that you specify. An opportunity is then given for the benefactors of your support to show appreciation. There are various clubs and societies that can be entered in at certain giving levels that also display Andrews’ appreciation and recognition, both privately and publically.

Whatever the amount of your gift, its impact is felt on the Andrews campus. Endowed scholarships allow students to attend that may not have been able to otherwise. Endowed chairs allow Andrews to continue to recruit high-caliber professors. Supporting the Annual Fund for Andrews allows the University to use your gift to benefit areas of greatest need. The Annual Fund benefits the Andrews Partnership Scholarships, academic research, and the heart of campus life. Support for specific departments allows them to purchase supplies and equipment, attend conferences, conduct research, and provide learning activities that enhance the students' experience.

Your contribution’s effect goes well past the present. Long after graduation, when alumni think back on their college experience, they will see how you impacted their lives and in return be inspired to support Andrews themselves. Each year, students at Andrews celebrate the difference donors have made in their Andrews Experience with Tuition Freedom Day. Your gifts truly make a lasting difference for Andrews University and the students here.