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J. N. Andrews Honors Program
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Society of Andrews Scholars

Honors students form a society dedicated to intellectual, spiritual, and social activities inside and outside the classroom. The society's logo depicts hands sheltering the flame of truth, symbolizing the search for truth by students and faculty together. The society's motto is "Excellence, Commitment, and Service". Fees charged as part of the Honors application process are used exclusively for student activities by the Society of Andrews Scholars. Annual participation in the service/citizenship/leadership program which is organized by the Society of Andrews Scholars is required to continue in the J. N. Andrews Honors Program.

Our Honors Officers

President: Nelson Starkey
Vice President: Khelsea Bauer
Spiritual Vice President: Michael Hess II
Secretary: Irene Hwang
Public Relations: Alejandra Castillo
Academic Affairs: Chris Bardan, Randy Sanchez
Social Coordinator: Douglas Van Putten


Clcokwise from top left: Nelson Starkey, Khelsea Bauer, Michael Hess II, Douglas Van Putten, Chris Bardan, Randy Sanchez, Alejandra Castillo, Irene Hwang

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