Service Requirement

Because Honors students have a reputation for generous service, participants in the SAGES curriculum do not take the standard service learning course, Philosophy of Service, required by the regular General Education package of Andrews University. Instead, the J.N. Andrews Honors Program asks its students to log 12 hours of service per academic year. Any form of voluntary service to the University or larger community will be acceptable provided students do not receive payment or academic credit for the activity. Honors students fill out the "Honors Service, Citizenship, and Leadership Submission Form" to account for their hours. That form is available on the Honors website or at the Honors office. The signature of a supervising or organizing individual is required to verify the service hours. Honors service forms should be turned in to the administrative assistant at the Honors office; student service hours are logged and monitored by the Honors office.

Click here for the Service Form


Service Opportunities

Campus Ministries
The Andrews University Office of Campus Ministries website lists the various opportunities for service they provide, to both campus and the larger community. Visit their website here.

Change Day
Change day is a special day in which the whole campus goes out to serve the communities around us in various ways.

Church Outreach
The following is a list of local churches that organize various service activities:

Harbor of Hope Seventh-day Adventist Church
All Nations Seventh-day Adventist Church
Pioner Memorial Church
One Place
New Life
Andrews Korean Church of SDA
Berrien Springs Spanish Seventh-day Adventist Church

The following is a list of other service opportunities.

Club officer
Set-up/clean-up for events
Present or attend an honors or professional discipline conference
On-campus honors presentation (poster, assembly, oral)
Participate in a church service
Mission trips