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Service Requirement

Because Honors students have a reputation for generous service, participants in the SAGES curriculum do not take the standard service learning course, Philosophy of Service, required by the regular General Education package of Andrews University. Instead, the J. N. Andrews Honors Program asks its students to log 12 hours of service per academic year. Any form of voluntary service to the university or larger community will be acceptable provided students do not receive payment or academic credit for the activity. Honors students fill out the "Honors Service, Citizenship, and Leadership Submission Form" to account for their hours. That form is available on the Honors website or at the Honors Office. The signature of a supervising or organizing individual is required to verify the service hours. Honors service forms should be turned in to the Administrative Assistant at the Honors Office; student service hours are logged and monitored by the Honors Office.

Service Form
Service Opportunities:

Campus Ministries
Outreach Opportunities            - Inreach Opportunities

The Andrews University Office of Campus Ministries website lists the various opportunities for service they provide, to both campus and the larger community. Visit their website here.

Socrates After-School Project
Contact: Dr. Desmond Murray Phone: (269) 757-1641
- Program Brochure                   - Training Workshop                   - Job Descriptions
- Facebook Group



The following is a list of people to contact if you are looking for tutoring and service opportunities here at Andrews University. Remember that in order for your tutoring hours to count for service credit, you must do it without compensation:

1. Center for Intensive English Programs
The CIEP is always looking for conversation partners for their ESL students to help practice speaking English. This is not teaching, but helping immerse ESL students in English.
Contact Ms. Aracely Robles at

2. Student Success Center
The Andrews University Student Success Center is always looking for peer tutors in various subjects. Please remember to note that you are doing this as a service activity if you contact them.
Contact Ms. Tiffany Siebold at

3. The Writing Center
The Writing Center is often short on tutors. This is an especially valuable opportunity if you are studying English or are considering teaching. Please remember to note that you are doing this as a service opportunity if you contact them. Dr. Closser may also have other opportunities for you to tutor outside of the Writing Center.
Contact Dr. Bruce Closser at


Church Outreach

The following is a list of local churches that organize various service activities:

1. Harbor of Hope SDA Church
Contact Pastor Taurus Montgomery at

2. All Nations SDA Church
Contact the Administrative Assistant Alicia Thomas at


Community Outreach

The following is a list of ways you can serve the larger community:

1. The Benton Harbor Soup Kitchen
Visit their page here.
Contact if you need more information

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