Congratulations Seniors

This page celebrates the successes of J.N. Andrews Honors seniors who are graduating and moving on to new challenges.



2022-2023 Graduates: 

Elizabeth Atencio: BSELED Elementary Education, Spanish for K-12 Education, Minor in Mathematics Education

Teaching in Thomponsville, Illinois as the 1st-5th grade teacher.

Alec Bofetiado: Medical Laboratory Science

Will work for a few years as a Med Tech, then go to medical school.  

Tyler Braithwaite: Computer Science and Mathematics

Taking a gap year before pursuing employment or graduate training. 

Lissa Caballero: Digital Communication

Doing a bit of traveling--including Iceland. Scouting out professional opportunities. 

Reise Campbell: Computer Science, Mathematics, and Religion

Working as a software engineer at Vistaprint. 

Hannah Castillo: Chemistry, minor in Mathematics

Pursuing a fully funded PhD in physical chemistry at Yale University. 

Isabelle Dias: Speech-Language Pathology & Audiology, Minor in Psychology

Accepted into graduate school and plans to attend the Master’s program for Speech-Language Pathology at Andrews University starting in August.

Masy Deomecillo: Biology, Minor in Chemistry

Working in a biology research lab as a research assistant. 

Joshua Dulcich: Computer Science, Math Studies, Minor in Graphic Design, Engineering, Innovation & Entrepreneuship

Launched a startup company. 

Matthew Dulcich: Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics

Get a job in machine learning. 

Lyle Goulbourne: Biology, Minor in Chemistry 

Scribing then medical school.

Alyssa Henriquez: Biochemistry and English

Attending Duke University School of Medicine. 

Jonathan Homan: Mathematics & Physics

Pursuing a funded PhD in Applied Math at CU Boulder. 

Eric Inae: Computer Science and Mathematics

Fully funded PhD in Computer Science at Norte Dame University.  

Lisa Johnston: Mathematics and Physics

Looking for a data science job, or going into graduate school for a mathematics PhD. 

Kurt Kuhlman: Political Science, Minior in Spanish

Attending University of Tenessee - Knoxville to pursue a fully funded PhD in Political Science. 

Michael Lee: Computer Science and Mathematical Studies

Steven Mann-Rojas: Computer Science

Continuing work as a Systems Development Manager at Polywood.

Cameron Mayer: Speech-Language Pathology & Audioogy, Minor in Spanish 

Accepted to the Master’s program for Speech-Language Pathology at Andrews University. 

Moriah McDonald: English, Literature, Minor in Communication Studies

Pursuing a fully funded Masters in Journalism at the University of Missouri.   

Andras Muranyi: Biology, Minor in Chemistry 

Attending Medical School at Loma Linda University. 

Jewel Murray: Pre-Physical Therapy 

Beginning DPT graduate studies at Andrews University's Physical Therapy program. 

HeeYun Oh: Biology, Minor in Chemistry

Taking a gap year-mission trip, and/or internship in Korea. 

Joshua Pak: Biochemistry, Minor in Management

Working in a biopharmaceutical or biotech companny within the Boston/Cambridge area. Considering offers from Phizer and the Broad Institute. Hoping to earn an MBA after a couple of years in the industry to lead research within these sectors. 

Andrew Remmers: Finance and Accounting

AdventHealth Leadership Residency with a business expertise in corporate finance. 

Jessica Rim: Psychology, Mathematical Studies

Taking a gap year before applying to graduate school/medical school.

Marvin Schatzchneider: Finance and Accounting 

Work at Houlihan Lokey.

Adoniah Simon: Social Work, Minor in Spanish 

Traveling in Central America and Europe, then begin a new job in August. At the start of Fall 2023, begin graduate program in social work. 

Elianna Srikureja: English Literature, Minor in Chemistry 

Attending Loma Linda University School of Dentistry.

Emma Tennyson: Psychology, Minors in Chemistry and Spanish

Attending Loma Linda School of Medicine. 

Isabella Tessalee: Biochemistry, Minor in Biology 

Attending Loma Linda University School of Medicine for the MMS Program.

Taylor Uphus: English, Minor in Business Administration 

Studying for the LSAT and working on law school applications. Working at Crowe, LLP in the Contracts Management unit.

Jared Wallen: Animal Science

Attend Veterinary School.

Nels Wangsness: Biochemistry

Business Management internship with Centura Health. Prep for MCAT.

Seth Williams: Biology, Minor in Chemistry

Pursuing MS in Chemistry at the University of Texas, Arlington