Checklist to Success

  • Have you discussed with your parents and counselor what course you want to take? Have you checked the course for prerequisites and co-requisites (e.g. labs required with science classes)?
  • Have you looked at the course schedule to see if the course will fit into your high school schedule?
  • Have you completed and turned in to your counselor or registrar your application? Did both you and your parent sign it?
  • Have you activated your username and checked your personal information?
  • If attending on-campus courses, have you made your Andrews ID card at the Academic Records Counter in the Administration Building? You can access the library, eat in the cafeteria, and get student discounts with this card.
  • Have you ordered textbooks to arrive BEFORE class starts? Find textbook information in the course syllabus (found in Course Schedule), the on-campus bookstore (or virtual bookstore for online courses).
  • If you’re parking on campus, have you registered your vehicle at Campus Safety ($10)?
  • Have you added class and study times to your personal schedule? If taking classes on campus, use the interactive maps to find the building where your class will meet or print a campus map.
  • Have you checked your financial statement on your finVue webpage? You can give your parents access to the financial information here. Transcipts are held until payment in full has been made.
  • Are you keeping up with the reading and homework? Be responsible and realistic. You need to budget 6-9 hours per week for each 3-credit college class.
  • Are you attending every class on-campus? Are you logging in regularly in an online course?
  • Don't hesitate to contact the instructor, your counselor or our office if you have questions or concerns about your course or course material.
  • Have you requested a transcript online? Do this as you finish each class. Your school needs this if you are earning dual credit. You can see grades on your personal ivue academic webpage at any time. Transcripts can be requested whenever needed in years to come.
  • Meet your counselor to decide which Andrews University class would be a good fit to your next semester. Complete applications for the next year before school is out in Spring! 
  • Fill out another application and turn it in to your counselor or registrar. More sections are opened as needed, so apply even if the course schedule shows the class is full.
  • Take the ACT or SAT in both Gr 10 and 12, and the PSAT exam in Gr 11.  Be sure to select Andrews University as a school to send your scores.  Retaking either the ACT or SAT once generally improves your score which will help you get better scholarships.  Good Math scores can also be used to meet prerequisites for Math and Science courses.
  • Have you met with an Andrews recruiter or departmental advisor to discuss further study options, after doing well in at least two college classes?  Ask about the honors program and degree fast track admission.
  • Apply online anytime. Request original transcripts sent to Andrews for all college credit earned in high school. Watch for an admission decision by email and mail.

Please contact us with any questions.  Learn more about preparing for college through these webpages.