Christ in the City

Skip Bell (Church Ministry)

Christ in the City: Incarnational Ministries that Transform Lives and Grow the Church

This research will clarify the call to Christian discipleship in the city; provide a theology of the city, an exploration of the call to live missionally in urban environments, and practical applications of incarnational and transformational discipleship in a city environment. The research will describe the unique ministry field that urban areas represent. The US Census Bureau approximates that 80.7% of its population in 2010 lived in urban areas, a 12.1% growth since 2000. With so many people living in and around urban areas, a better understanding of the city is critical to the Church's mission of "preaching the gospel to all the world". This research will provide a biblical theology of the city based on Christ's view of urban life, offer an overview of the church and its historical response to the city, and showcase 10 unique ministries that have transformed lives and grown the church in large urban centers. This research will employ case study methodology to provide information on the nature and characteristics of cities and the factors that determine their growth. The most critical elements of this research will be the On-site visits to the ministries highlighted because they will provide learning opportunities through direct observation and interviews. The goal is to publish a book about the city; the call for disci Jes to share His resence in the homes, apartments, streets, alleys, shops, parks and schools that form the city; inspiring and shaping the lives of disciples who live and serve in the city.