Internal Grants

Each year, the university, as part of its support for research, awards thousands of dollars to faculty, whose research grant proposals are recommended by the Faculty Peer Review Committee. View information on applying for Faculty Research Grants.

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Gravitational waves from two black holes. (Credit: NASA)

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Protection Island, Washington, where James Hayward has conducted extensive gull research, this year comparing bones from gulls and dinosaurs. (Credit: Roberta Swift/ USFWS [CC BY 2.0 (])

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Antananarivo, Madagascar. Joel Raveloharimisy has worked with many students on research projects in Madagascar. (Credit: "Vue d'Ampamarinana," NY onja Christian, Wikimedia Commons)

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Othello and Desdemona in Venice by Théodore Chassériau. Vanessa Corredera is researching Othello and racial discourse. (Credit: Wikipedia Public Domain)



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Karl Bailey explains the results of Kyle Emile's eye-tracking data to Kyle Collatz.

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Daniel Gonzalez-Socoloske is conducting research on manatee habitats in Cuba (PC: Anmari Alvarez-Alemán, Institute of Marine Science University of Havana).


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Thomas Michaud's book Foundations of Web Design.


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One of Greg Constantine's Poetic License pieces.


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Shandelle Henson and James Hayward conduct research with students on Protection Island, Washington.

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Hyun Kwon (center) works with students Michael Hernandez (left) and Sandra Pieto (right) on her Biosensor research.