New Faculty Research Grants: 2014-15
  • Lisa Ahlberg (Chemistry), Investigation of 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Mechanisms: Synthesis of Thiolactomycin and Derivatives, Abstract
  • Skip Bell (Church Ministry), Christ in the City: Incarnational Ministries that Transform Lives and Grow the Church, Abstract
  • Romulus Chelbegean and Duane McBride (Behavioral Sciences), Being an American Adventist Pastor’s Husband: A Qualitative Study, Abstract
  • Kim Ferreira (Physical Therapy), Achieving Competence as a Clinical Instructor: The Lived Experience of Clinical Instructors, Abstract
  • Daniel Gonzalez (Biology), Characterization of Manatee Habitat and Its Use with Side-scan Sonar in Isla de La Juventud, Cuba, Abstract
  • Ryan Hayes (Chemistry), Structure Identification and Toxicity Assessment of an Arginine-based Heterocyclic Amine, Abstract
  • Ante Jeroncic (Religion), Book Project: Apocalyptic Inversions, Abstract
  • Julia Kim (English), How Does the Lexical Nativization Affect Intelligibility in World Varieties of English?: The Case of Japanese English (Katakana Eigo), Abstract
  • Hyun Kwon (Engineering), Optical Trapping of Biological Particles, Abstract
  • Asta LaBianca (English), Hesban 4: Ethnoarchaeological Foundations, Abstract
  • Pam Litvak (Biology) and Gregg Morrow (Public Health and Wellness), “Shifting the Stress Curve:” Using “Stress Inoculation” and Exercise to Promote Resilience, Abstract
  • Kanya Long (Biology), Examining Host Advantages of Dengue Viruses in a Two-host Cell Culture System, Abstract
  • Peter Lyons (Biology), David Randall (Chemistry), and Brenden Cross (Physics),  An Analysis of Protein Folding Mechanisms: A Biology-Chemistry-Physics Collaboration, Abstract
  • Getahun Merga (Chemistry), Synthesis and Characterization of Conjugated Gold and Silver Nanoparticles with Sulfur Containing Amino Acids, Abstract
  • Marlene Murray (Biology), The Effects of Omega-3-Fatty Acids on Intracellular myo-Inositol, Abstract
  • David Nowack (Chemistry), Preliminary Investigation into the Relationship between Dendrimer Structure and Enzyme Activity, Abstract
  • Lucile Sabas and Leroy Ruhupatty (Accounting, Economics and Finance), US Domestically Held Public Debt and Economic Growth, Abstract
  • Denise Smith (Biology), The Role of the Oncogene HER2/neu in Breast Cancer and Potential Therapeutic Screening, Abstract
  • Marc Ullom (Visual Art & Design), Organic Matter: A Series of Botanical Cyanotype Images, Abstract
  • Robert Zdor (Biology), Exploring Possible Synergy in Weed Suppression with Multiple Strains of Deleterious Rhizobacteria, Abstract
Faculty Research Grant Renewals: 2014-15
  • Stanley Beikmann (Agriculture), Using What JFS Archaeology has Learned - for Education and Conservation of Plants, Water and Soil, Abstract
  • Larry Burton (Teaching Learning Curriculum) and Constance Nwosu (Babcock University), Denominational Persistence and Denominational Exit Among Adventist University Alumni, Abstract
  • Greg Constantine (Art), Creation and Exhibition of “Poetic Licenses”, Abstract
  • Oystein LaBianca (Behavioral Sciences), Millennium Horizons in the Global History of the Ancient Near East, Abstract
  • Kenneth Logan (Music), Creation of Musical Anthology with Working Title Exploring Organ Repertoire; Documentation of William Huber, Jr. Collection at the Library of Congress and Its Donor; Musical Composition Efficiency [and Fostering] Project, Abstract
  • Nicholas Miller (Church History), The Religious Roots of the Civil War: Slavery, Judgment, and the Moral Government of God, Abstract
  • Benjamin Navia (Biology), Testing a Model for Recognition in the Auditory System of the Cricket Acheta domesticus, Abstract
  • Joel Raveloharimisy (Behavioral Sciences), The Influence of Family Dynamics on Contraceptive Use in Madagascar and the Ensuing Impact on Family Well-Being, Abstract
Faculty Research Grant No-Cost Carryovers: 2014-15
  • Grace Chi (Nursing), Music Relaxation Video and Biophysical Measurements: A Randomized Controlled Trial, Abstract
  • Kari Friestad (Visual Art & Design), Creation and Exhibition of “Proximity” painting series, Abstract
  • Thomas Goodwin (Biology), Seasonal Variation in Diet of Fossil Wyoming Ground Squirrels (Urocitellus elegans) from Porcupine Cave, CO, Abstract
  • Kenley Hall and Joseph Kidder (Church Ministry), Pilot Case Studies of NAD Churches who are Attracting and Keeping Young Adults (18-30), Abstract
  • James Hayward (Biology) and Shandelle Henson (Mathematics), Paleoecological Reconstruction of Protection Island, Washington, Abstract
  • Jimmy Kijai (Graduate Psychology), The Influence of Religiosity, Religious Involvement, Spiritual Maturity, Adherence to Adventist Core Beliefs, and Adventist Education on Denominational Loyalty among Youths and Young Adults in Sabah Mission of Seventh-day Adventists, Abstract
  • David Mbungu (Biology), Modulation of Phonotaxis by Monoamines, Abstract
  • Lori Walton (Physical Therapy), Maggie Hernandez, and Gretchen Krivak (Public Health & Wellness), Effects of Exercise and Nutrition Education Program on the Health Related Quality of Life (HRQOL), Pelvic Pain and Incontinence, and Nutrition for Postpartum Women, Abstract