Faculty Research Grants (FRG)

The Faculty Research Grant Handbook is now available: Download Handbook.


  1. The Purpose and Scope of the FRG
  2. Application Process
  3. Application Forms
  4. Sample Abstracts
  5. New Faculty Members
  6. Intellectual Property

The Purpose and Scope of the Faculty Research Grant (FRG)

Andrews University, through the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship, competitively awards Faculty Research Grants (FRG) on a yearly basis to qualified university faculty. University faculty members from all disciplines are encouraged to apply.  Applications are evaluated based on academic merit, and in accordance with the following funding objectives:

  • To assist new (and newly active) faculty in developing and establishing an active research program at Andrews University.
  • To enable faculty who are active in research to be more productive than they would be without the financial assistance of a Faculty Research Grant.
  • To assist faculty who are active in research to develop their research program with the goal of successfully applying for funding from external sources.
  • To assist faculty who are active in supporting student research and student scholarship development.

Faculty members may apply for Faculty Research Grants of up to $5,000 to support research/creative scholarship projects at Andrews University. We encourage collaborative applications that include multiple faculty members. If two full-time faculty members submit a joint application, the maximum support is $5000 per faculty member, or $10,000 total for the application. Adjunct or part-time faculty members are welcome as co-PIs on the grant application, but will not affect the allowed funding limit, which is based only on the full-time faculty PIs. Emeritus faculty members are also welcome to apply, so long as they maintain an active presence on the Andrews University campus, with support limited to $3000. 

Faculty Research Grant support can cover expenses associated with the faculty member’s scholarly growth activities, such as the following:

  • Student labor (undergraduate and graduate). Student labor may be used for support functions, such as secretarial work, literature searching, etc. Additional funds may be available for student collaboration through Undergraduate Research Scholar (URS) awards, so long as they are doing student-led or student-collaboration research that will result in their coauthoring the presented/published results.
  • Travel for research purposes. This includes travel for work with off-campus research collaborators and field-based research, but excludes travel for conference participation.
  • Miscellaneous supplies and small equipment, under $2500 (the purchase of computers excluded).
  • Allowance for hiring a contract teacher to cover one of your regularly scheduled classes (up to $2400), yielding a one-course teaching release for research. If you choose this option, justification must be included explaining how the additional release time will be used to further your research program. Your grant will be charged an additional 22% benefits rate on top of the actual contract amount.

Further details regarding completion of the application form are available in the following link for a tutorial on the Faculty Research Grant: Faculty Research Grant Tutorial.

The Faculty Research Grant Application Process

Pre-Review of Faculty Research Grant Proposals: In order to enhance the quality of research proposals and provide development and growth for faculty in conceptualizing and planning effective programs in scholarly productivity/research, the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship provides opportunity for a pre-submission review process. The Faculty Research Review Committee will evaluate applications received by the January 31 pre-submission deadline for clarity and completeness, and make recommendations for improvement prior to the final application deadline.  Although this pre-review process is optional, it is highly encouraged for all faculty members, and especially for those who have not previously submitted a FRG proposal.

Review Process: All Faculty Research Grant applications and renewals must be submitted by the February 28 deadline. The Faculty Research Review Committee will evaluate all applications, and recommend funding allocations, which will be reported to the faculty applicants by March 31. Funds will be available for use during the fiscal year starting May 1 and going through the following April 30.

Renewal of a current FRG may be requested for a maximum amount of a new funding of $3,000 plus any remaining funding from the current grant, up to a total of $5000. This additional funding may be requested for a maximum of two years, after which a full grant application would need to be submitted for further funding.

The FRG Renewal form should also be used to request the carrying over of current funds for one year. Unspent balances from internal research grants can be carried over to the next fiscal provided that a Grant Renewal Form that provides appropriate justification is submitted in a timely manner; otherwise, all unspent grant balances revert to the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship after the April 30 grant termination date, and will be used as additional funding for the awarding of future Faculty Research Grants.

For a more detailed description of the application process, you may access this slideshow, which was used for New Faculty Orientation in February 2019.

Faculty Research Grant Application Forms

Faculty Research Grant Application Form to be used for all new applications
Faculty Research Grant Renewal Formto be used for renewal applications, as well as request for funding extension of previous year’s award.

All completed applications are to be submitted electronically to the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship, at research@andrews.edu.

Application Timeline

Activity Timeline

Pre-proposal submission (Recommended)

January 31

Peer-review response to Pre-proposal        

February  15

Proposal submission

February 28

Awards notification

March 31

Fund available for use

May 1

Sample Abstracts

Abstracts of recent and currently funded Faculty Research Grants can be found here: Faculty Research Grants.

New Faculty Members

New faculty members who are hired after the February 28 FRG proposal submission deadline are not required to wait an entire year before having the opportunity to receive research funding. For these new faculty (and only these new faculty), the Office of Research and Creative Scholarship will consider Faculty Research Grant proposals submitted by September 30 of the first year of employment. Please contact the Dean of Research at research@andrews.edu for more information and for assistance in completing the FRG Application process.

Intellectual Property and Faculty Research Grants

Under most circumstances (for exceptions, see Working Policy, section 2:383), faculty members who are involved in research and creative scholarship retain the intellectual property rights for their creations. This includes work that is supported by internal Faculty Research Grants. However, faculty members who wish to receive continuing support from internal Faculty Research Grants must report income generated by royalties or sales of products in the “External Funding” section of the Faculty Research Grant application. Faculty members may apply for funding for expenses that are in excess of that which can be covered by royalty or sales income. Research and creative scholarship that reasonably can be funded out of royalty or sales income is not eligible for Faculty Research Grant funding beyond an initial start-up period.