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Application Process for Significant External Funding

The Office of Research and Creative Scholarship actively supports faculty in identifying funding sources and preparing effective proposals for external support. The researcher leads the process, and Research Office supports as needed.

The steps faculty should follow when applying for external funding are as follows: 

Step #1: Researcher decides to apply for grant.

Our office is happy to help you search for relevant grants if you desire. Please send us an email at to make an appointment to discuss fundable projects. This is a collaborative search process.

Step #2: Researcher notifies our office of grant, due date, and any requirements from our office.

Step #3: Researcher prepares grant.

Our office is happy to help with the grant preparation process, including editing your proposal, helping you put together a budget, locating official school documents, etc.

Step #4: Researcher submits grant to our office for review at least 5 days prior to the grant deadline/your personal deadline.

Please note that it’s better to submit to the grantor several days earlier than the actual deadline.

Step #5: If necessary, our office submits the grant (this is the case for anything involving to the grantor. Otherwise the researcher may submit the grant.

Step #6: Upon receipt of grant, the researcher notifies our office and supplies us with the award information (approved proposal and budget).

Step #7: Our office works with Financial Records to set up an account for the external funds. The account number will be supplied to the researcher and should be used on all expense reports, check requests, summer salaries, stipend/wage requests, purchase orders, etc. All financial documents should be submitted to our office for approval before being submitted to Financial Records. Our office will scan the document and keep it in our files. We will also have access to the Financial spreadsheet so that we can track expenditures. We can provide updates to the researcher as necessary.

Step #8: Our office works with the researcher to decide how any additional salary is handled. This usually involves working with the department chair or dean as well.

Step #9: Final reports for the external grant should be submitted to our office upon completion of the project.

Assistance with the Development of Proposals to External Foundations

The Scholarly Research team will facilitate the development of competitive grant proposals to external foundations and agencies. Depending upon the source of funding being considered, this assistance may include one or more of the following:

  • Staff assistance in finding appropriate foundations or grant funding agencies for your specific area of research.
  • Staff assistance in compiling institutional materials required for the grant application.
  • Staff assistance in reviewing and proofing the grant application prior to submission.
  • Sponsoring your attendance at a regional grant writing workshop specifically featuring the agency from which you are applying for funding, such as the National Science Foundation (NSF), or National Institutes of Health (NIH).
  • Sponsoring your travel to the national office, or a regional location, to meet with the program director of the agency for your field.


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