2017-2018 Faculty Research Grants

New Faculty Research Grants: 2017-2018

• Vanessa Corredera (English). “Woke” Shakespeare: Racial Discourse and Representation in Modern Othellos. Abstract

• Daniel Gonazalez-Socoloske (Biology). Detection, Population Estimate, and Habitat Assessment of Amazonian Manatees in Amazonas, Brazil & Continued Eastern Massasauga Population and Habitat Assessment in Berrien County MI, USA. Abstract

• Ryan Hayes (Chemistry) and Brian Wong (Biology). Mutagenicity Assessment of Burned Plant Amino Acids and Antimugenic/Anticarcinogenic Effects of Chinese Medicinal Herbs. Abstract

• Jay Johnson (Engineering & Computer Science). Neural Basis for Auditory Scene Analysis. Abstract

• Oystein LaBianca (Behavioral Sciences). Animation of the Cultural Landscape of Hisban and Vicinity in the Longue Duree. Abstract

• Gunnar Lovhoiden (Engineering & Computer Science). Near Infrared Imaging Lab. Abstract

• Marlene Murray (Biology). The Effects of Omega-3 fatty acids on Expression of the INO1 and INM1 genes. Abstract

• Benjamin Navia and John Stout (Biology). Control of female cricket (Acheta domesticus) phonotaxis by call selective neuronal processing and molecular regulation. Abstract

• Boon-Chai Ng (Engineering and Computer Science), Exploration of the use of Di-Electro-Active Polymer (DEAP) as a large strain gage. Abstract

• L. Monique Pittman (English). Shakespeare’s Contested Nations: Anglo-American Performance of the History Plays in the Third Millennium. Abstract

• Melissa Ponce-Rodas (Behavioral Sciences). Hear Their Voices: Listening to Adventist Survivors of Domestic Violence. Abstract

• Melissa Ponce-Rodas (Behavioral Sciences), Carole Woolford-Hunt (Graduate Psychology), Jimmy Kijai (Graduate Psychology), and Tevni Grajales (Graduate Psychology). A Mixed Methods Approach to exploring the intersectionality of Ethnic Identity, Acculturation, Religiosity and Spirituality on Perceptions of Campus Climate and Diversity Narratives. Abstract

• Joel Raveloharimisy (Behavioral Sciences). Political Economy of Mob Justice in Madagascar. Abstract

• Rhonda Root, Robin Johnson, and Ariel Solis (Architecture). Cuilcagh Mountain Regional Research Project, Ireland. Abstract

• Boubakar Sanou (Church Ministry), Erich Baumgartner (Leadership), Stan Patterson and David Penno (Church Ministry). Power Distance and Cross-cultural Perceptions of Leadership Effectiveness in the Seventh-day Adventist Church in East and West Africa. Abstract

• David Sedlacek (Discipleship) and Alina Baltazar (Social Work). Male Spouses and Female Pastors: Stressors and Coping Strategies. Abstract

• Tiffany Summerscales (Physics). Estimating the Parameters of Gravitational Waves Using BayesWave. Abstract

• Padma Tadi Uppala (Public Health, Nutrition & Wellness). Establishing Community Partnerships with Minority African American Women in Benton Harbor to Study the Relationship between Metabolic Syndrome and Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Abstract

• Shannon Trecartin (Social Work) and Petr Činčala (Church Ministry). Analysis of the 2017 World Church Survey: Exploration of Church Health and Disability within Five Divisions. Abstract

• Robert Zdor (Biology). Exploring Mustard Seed Meal Effects on the Extended Growth of Velvetleaf Plants under Controlled Field-like Conditions. Abstract

Faculty Research Grant Renewals: 2017-2018

• Greg Constantine (Visual Art, Communication & Design). Creation and Exhibition of “Poetic Licenses.” Abstract

• Anneris Coria-Navia (Teaching, Learning & Curriculum). Code-switching and its Relationship to School  and Social Experiences in Bilingual Children Whose Home Language is English in a Spanish Speaking Country. Abstract

• Oliver Glanz (Old Testament) & Rodney Summerscales (Engineering & Computer Science). Making Biblical Hebrew Students Learn the Hebrew Language Not the Hebrew Bible. Abstract

• Hyun Kwon (Engineering & Computer Science). Paper Biosensors and Mobile Apps for Affordable Detection of Cancer Biomarkers. Abstract

• Peter Lyons (Biology). Expression Profile of Carboxypeptidase O in Cells, in Tissues, and in Organs. Abstract

• Getahun Merga (Chemistry). Synthesis and Characterization of Conjugated Gold and Silver Nanoparticles with Sulfur Containing Amino Acids. Abstract

• Denise Smith (Biology) and Desmond Murray (Chemistry). Hybrid Boronic Acids as Potential Antiglioblastoma Agents. Abstract

Faculty Research Grant No-cost Carryovers: 2017-2018

• Lisa Ahlberg (Chemistry). Investigation of 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Mechanisms: Synthesis of Thiolactomycin and Derivatives. Abstract

• Karl Bailey and Harvey Burnett (Behavioral Sciences). Effects of Simulated Impairment on Working Memory, Motivations, and Intentions. Abstract

• Krista Cooper Curt VanderWaal (Social Work). Identity and Experience: The Lives of Women Living with Symptomatic Uterine Fibroids. Abstract

• H. Thomas Goodwin (Biology). Distribution and Paleobiology of Hibernation in Fossil Ground-Dwelling Squirrels from the Meade Basin, SW Kansas, USA. Abstract

• Kenley Hall and Joseph Kidder (Christian Ministry). Pilot Case Studies of NAD Churches Who Are Attracting and Keeping Young Adults (18-30). Abstract

• Jimmy Kijai (Graduate Psychology and Counseling) and LeRoy Ruhupatty (Accounting, Economics & Finance). Student Engagement and Its Relationship to Development of Values, Religious Commitment and Community Services at Selected Adventist Colleges/Universities in the Southern Asia Pacific Region. Abstract

• Kenneth Logan (Music). Musical Composition Fostering and Efficiency Project. Abstract

• Duane McBridePetr CincalaCurt VanderWaalDesrene Vernon-BrebnorRene DrummKarl BaileyAlina Baltazar, and Krista Cooper (Behavioral Sciences, Church Ministry, Social Work, and Visual Art Communication & Design). An Evaluation of Adventist World Radio to Improve Audience Mission Impact. Abstract

• Kimberly Pichot (Business). Factors That Impact Sustainable Growth of Medium-size Businesses. Abstract