Research Opportunities for Undergraduates in the Arbovirus Ecology Laboratory

Kanya Long (Biology)

Complementary local and international research opportunities for undergraduates in the Arbovirus Ecology Laboratory

Faculty Research Grant support is requested for two activities over the 2015-16 academic year.  The first activity is setting up mosquito facilities in the Department of Biology.  Space on the 4th floor of Price Hall has been allocated for this purpose.  Setting up these facilities will allow local, non-infectious research activity for undergraduate students, which will very importantly complement my research requiring international travel, and, with less training time required, will expand the potential for involvement by students.  The second activity is to support my continued involvement with the dengue research group in Iquitos, Peru.  This NIH-funded project will continue to be an important part of my international, collaborative research resulting in publications for me.  It will also serve as the basis for short-term travel and student projects over the next four years.