Research Faculty

Applications for renewal must be submitted by June 30 of the year prior to status expiration.

Harvey Burnett, Associate Professor of Psychology   Behavioral Sciences 2023
Petr Cincala, Assistant Professor of World Mission   Institute of Church Ministry 2022
Vanessa Corredera, Associate Professor of English   English 2021
Roy Gane, Professor of Hebrew Bible & Ancient Near Eastern Languages  Old Testament   2020
Gus Gregorutti, Professor of Leadership and Higher Education  Leadership   2022
Herbert Helm, Professor of Psychology  Behavioral Sciences  2021
Shandelle Henson, Professor of Mathematics  Mathematics  2022
Jay Johnson, Professor of Engineering  Engineering  2023
Julia Kim, Associate Professor of English English  2021
Hyun Kwon, Professor of Engineering Engineering & Computer Science  2021
Øystein LaBianca, Professor of Anthropology Behavioral Sciences 2022
Duane McBride, Professor of Sociology Behavioral Sciences 2022
Yun Myung Oh, Associate Professor of Mathematics  Mathematics  2023
Rodney Summerscales, Assistant Professor of Computer Science Computing 2022
Tiffany Summerscales, Professor of Physics Physics 2022
Shannon Trecartin, Assistant Professor of Social Work Social Work 2022
Curtis VanderWaal, Professor of Social Work Social Work 2022
Rahel Wells, Associate Professor of Biblical Studies Religion 2021