How to Edit Study Record

At any time, you may make updates and edits to your record(s) published on by logging into the PRS and clicking on “Edit Record” under the Protocol/Results Records heading in the PRS Main Menu. A selection list of all records owned by you appears, with status information for each record.  Select the “Edit” link next to the record that you wish to update. The Edit Protocol/Results Record screen appears. Use the “Edit” links on the left to modify the desired portion(s) of the record. 

When a record that is currently completed, approved or released is modified, the record status is automatically reset to “In progress.” Remember to mark the record as complete when finished editing. The AU PRS Administrator will approve and release the modified record. 

Please Note:

Keep protocol records up to date — Protocol records for active trials should be reviewed and modified as needed at least every 6 months. Pay special attention to recruiting status and contact information, as the accuracy and timeliness of this information is extremely important to patients and health care professionals.

Additional information is provided at on how to edit your study Record.

If we can be of further assistance, please contact AU PRS Administrator at 269-471-6361 or via email at