PRS Account & Login Information

As an investigator of a clinical trial, you will use a Web-based data entry system called the Protocol Registration System (PRS) to register a clinical study and submit results information for a registered study.  There are three important steps involved in the PRS process:

  1. Login information
  2. Entering your data
  3. Receiving your National Clinical Trial (NTC) number.      

Andrews University is already registered and has a PRS account. You will need to register your clinical study under the AU’s PRS account. Contact Andrews University PRS administrator at to obtain your login information.

Provide the AU PRS administrator with the following information in order to obtain your login details:

  1. Your User Login Name (i.e. last name)
  2. Your Full Name
  3. Telephone Number
  4. Email Address

You will receive an automatic email response from sent to the email address you provided, containing:

  1. Organization Name: (AndrewsU)
  2. Your Login Name
  3. Your Password

Once you obtain the login information, go to the PRS login page and enter your login information

Before you start entering your data, you will have to change your password. Keep your new password in a secure place. You will need it the next time you want to login. 

You are now ready to begin entering your clinical data.