Federal Direct Loans

Once you have filed your FAFSA-Free Application Federal Student Aid, your eligibility for Federal Direct student/parent loans will be determined. Your financial aid offer notification will state your eligibility amounts. If you decide that you wish to take part in the Federal Direct loan program, there are 3 simple steps to complete. If you do not apply online, you will want to have your aid offer handy to refer to for loan eligibility amounts. More information will be available at the Federal Student Aid website.

Note: Students who are graduating and/or leaving Andrews University or dropping below half-time enrollment will need to complete Step 4 to receive graduation and diploma clearance.

Note:  These loan request methods are online only.  If there is a problem, contact your Financial Advisor.

After you have requested your loan, visit the Loan Entrance Counseling website and answer a few simple questions regarding your rights and responsibilities as a borrower.  Parent and Graduate PLUS borrowers are required to complete PLUS loan counseling when an appeal is requested or an endorser is sought.  Once completed, the results will be electronically sent to our department.  Typically, these results will reach us on the next business day.  Please allow sufficient processing time.

This is the electronic equivalent of endorsing your loan. Without a master promissory note on file, your loan application is incomplete and you cannot count this loan as accepted aid and your loan will not disburse. The master promissory note is good for ten years except for PLUS loans that have an endorser.  Every endorsed loan requires a separate MPN.  To sign, simply click on the embedded link found below.

Graduating students: Loan exit counseling is a part of the clearance process for graduation. You will receive an email and an information packet from our office regarding your loans 2-3 weeks before graduation. You will need to complete exit counseling for any and all federal loans you have taken while at Andrews before you can be cleared for graduation tickets and diploma/transcript release.

Part-time students: Any student dropping below half-time enrollment for any reason will need to complete exit counseling for any and all federal loans taken while at Andrews. There is a 6 month grace period for federal loan repayment which will begin when enrollment drops below half-time. This could also occur if you take a semester off or transfer to another school. Contact your financial advisor for more information.

Notice for federal student loan borrowers: If you have received or are planning to receive federal student loans, please be aware that you have the right to cancel all or a portion of your loan disbursements. However, you must act within 30 days of your loan disbursement. Contact your financial advisor if you need more information.

Student Aid Help Center @ 1.800.557.7394

Learn more about Federal Loans and Responsible Borrowing. Loan Simulator is a new tool to help you make decisions about your student loans. Use it to find a repayment plan that meets your needs and goals or to decide whether to consolidate.