Error Codes

If you receive an error message when making an payment online, please refer to the following list for clarification.

TouchNet Error Codes

-1703 Generic bad authorization Contact your issuing bank to resolve.
-1724 Address verification failed Doublecheck the address.
-1764 Insufficient Funds Lower payment amount.
-1765 Exceeds amount, count or time limit. Lower payment amount, try another payment method, or contact issuing bank.
-1766 Amount exceeds withdrawal limit. Lower payment amount or contact your bank to raise spending limit.
-1767 Transaction exceeds frequency limit. Try again after frequency limit is reset.
-1777 Card declined. Contact your issuing bank to resolve issue.
  • Bank authorization policies and procedures can vary from bank to bank. Familiarize yourself with the specific Terms & Conditions regarding usage of your card.
  • Foreign banks often have stricter authorization methods regarding payments outside of the issuing country.
  • Large payment amounts can also trigger bank security and deny authorization.
  • It can be helpful to contact your bank and let them know ahead of time that you will be making a payment to Andrews University.