Title IV Refunds Explained

I didn't ask for a refund. Why am I getting one?

Every aid year we are required by law to refund any unused Title IV monies. You cannot use Title IV funds to cover expenses for a different aid year. For example, you will not be able to use 2022-23 Title IV funds to cover expenses for the 2023-24 school year.

What are Title IV funds?

Title IV funds include Subsidized and Unsubsidized student loans, Grad PLUS loans, Parent PLUS loans, FSEOG, federal Pell grants, and federal Perkins loans.

But now I owe Andrews University money.* How can that be?

Over the course of each term, there may be some items charged to your AU student account that the federal government does not consider essential educational expenses coverable by Title IV funds. These items may include:

  • balances from a previous aid year
  • library fines
  • parking citations
  • lab printing charges
  • club dues
  • chapel/assembly fines.

If you now owe Andrews, you will need to pay your account to avoid interest charges or registration holds. Account payments can be made in the form of cash, personal/bank check, or credit card.

Is there anyway I can avoid this situation in the future?

Yes, there is. When your aid posts for the semester, request your full credit balance. Do not leave funds on your account. If you find that you are not needing these funds you may choose to reduce the amount of loans borrowed. Also, be sure that your account is current and that you're not registering with a balance owing.

If you would like, we are able to keep up to $200 of Title IV funds to cover small charges. Ever semester when you financially clear, you may elect to have Andrews pay these charges on your behalf using your Title IV monies. You will see two options:

If you select option #1: Your Title IV funds will be used to cover all of your current educational expenses, including up to $200 of old balances or ineligible charges. You will still be able to request the credit off your AU account.

If you select option #2: Student Financial Services will cover only those expenses recognized as essential by the federal government. By selecting this option, you will be sent Title IV refunds if the situation warrants and you will be responsible for paying all miscellaneous items in a timely manner with your own out-of-pocket funds.

*You may not owe money.