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It is our aim to build the healthiest university in the world by helping every student, employee and community member, locally and globally to thrive and live life to their fullest potential!

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Experience a different kind of adventure! Fall Staycation 2020 activities have been arranged for the Berrien Springs main campus, Oct. 11–17. While the Fall Break won't happen in the traditional way, we want to take some time to "rejuvenate and recharge" together in a different kind of way. The focus is on joy, fun and connection so we can UNWIND a bit!

For a detailed plan for Fall Staycation 2020 opportunities, go to andrews.edu/wellness/fallstaycation2020. Connect also with @andrews_university and @aulivewholly on Instagram.


The Lift Project--VIRTUAL Edition
Course & Group Transformation Coaching for Andrews Employees